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Spy Master Briefcase Black AND Spy kit

Spy Master Briefcase Black AND Spy kit

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Spy Master Briefcase black Spy kit (Totally top secret)
Spy Components
The spy components (gadgets) that come with this briefcase will  help you  on your way to becoming a spy master!
Rear view spy glasses
See what's going on behind you with these fun rear view spy glasses! They have mirrored outer edges which reflect the rear view. Comes in one size, will fit adults and children Measure approx 14cm (5.5") across. Weight is approx 19g in total.
An effective method of following someone or watching what they are doing without them noticing, is to be in front of them (they'll be looking for someone behind). Wear your glasses and walk a short way in front of your suspect. If they stop and talk to someone, you can watch what they're doing while pretending to do something else.
Listening Device 
Push the spy Listening On/Off switch to the ON position to turn on the receiver. Place the earphones in your ears. Point the receiver towards your target to activate sound spying. If you want to hear through a closed door or wall, place the receiver against the surface of the door or wall. When you are finished spying, push the Spy Listening On/Off Switch to the OFF position to turn off the receiver.
Fold-flat Binoculars
If you prefer to watch your suspects from afar, then binoculars are a great spy tool to have. The handy pair in your set also fold flat so you can easily carry them around on your secret mission.
Warning!!: Be careful when using your spy components. Never listen in on a private conversation or spy on someone you don't know.
Watch out! Spy About!
Welcome to the world of spying. Are you up to the top secret challenge? You'll need to have your wits about you. Sharp sight, keen hearing and quick thinking are essential.
The essential spy toolkit gets a dangerous new look, with brand new gadgets and a cool new Spy Ear snooping device! Want to be a master of espionage? Then you've gotta have it! This top-secret, ultra-hi-tech briefcase is our ultimate bestseller - and it's just got even better! The upgraded gadgets have everything you need to go undercover and make sure suspects can't shake you off their tail! There are binoculars to give you sight as sharp as a hawk, and rear-view glasses that disguise you and let you see what's going on behind you. Plus the cool new Spy Ear device, where you pretend to be casually listening to your headset - but really you're eavesdropping on baddies from several meters away! Spy Briefcase contents: secret missions file, Spy Ear device, binoculars and rear-view glasses.
The Spy Master Handbook Includes :
Make your own spy gadgets, How amazing is that ? 
Secret Spy Tips that you will never forget!
Loads of fun activities that will keep you busy!
Have you got what it takes to become a secret spy ?

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