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Bundle: Beach Bag and Emily Henry Beach Reads

Bundle: Beach Bag and Emily Henry Beach Reads

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Is this the perfect Summer gift or what? Or if it's winter and you are going to the Caribbean, this is for YOU! Save a bundle than purchasing individually! 

Our Beach Reads zippered boat tote is the perfect companion for all your summer adventures. This spacious and stylish tote is designed to carry all your essentials while adding a touch of beachy charm to your outfit.

Product Details

  • 100% cotton canvas
  • Gusset tote
  • Full length zipper closure
  • Inner pocket
  • 18" w x 12" h x 4" d
  • 12" strap (hanging)
  • Color: aqua blue strap, yellow bottom
  • Made in USA

Titles In This Set:
Book Lovers
Beach Read
You and Me on Vacation

Book Lovers:

Nora is a cut-throat literary agent at the top of her game. Her whole life is books. Charlie is an editor with a gift for creating bestsellers. And he's Nora's work nemesis. Nora has been through enough break-ups to know she's the one men date before finding their happy-ever-after. To prevent another dating dud, Nora's sister has persuaded her to swap her city desk for a month's holiday in Sunshine Falls.

Beach Read:
January is a hopeless romantic who narrates her life like she's the lead in a blockbuster movie. Gus is a serious literary type who thinks true love is a fairy-tale. But January and Gus have more in common than you'd think: They're both broke. They've got crippling writer's block, and they need to write bestsellers before summer ends.

You and Me on Vacation:
THIS YEAR: Poppy asks Alex to join her on one last trip. A trip that will determine the rest of their lives. You and Me on Vacation is a New York Times bestselling love story for fans of When Harry Met Sally, One Day and Casey McQuiston. Get ready to travel the world, snort with laughter and - most of all - lose your heart to Poppy and Alex.

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