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Complete Asian Saga Six Books Set by James Clavell (Shogun,Tai-Pan,Gai-Jin,King Rat,Noble House,Whirlwind)

Complete Asian Saga Six Books Set by James Clavell (Shogun,Tai-Pan,Gai-Jin,King Rat,Noble House,Whirlwind)

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Immerse yourself in a captivating literary odyssey with "The Novels of Asian Saga" series, a remarkable collection of six books that transports readers across the vibrant landscapes and intricate cultures of Asia. Through masterful storytelling, this collection brings to life the diverse histories, traditions, and timeless tales woven into the fabric of the continent.

Titles In This Set:
King Rat
Noble House



This is James Clavell's tour-de-force; an epic saga of one Pilot-Major John Blackthorne, and his integration into the struggles and strife of feudal Japan. Both entertaining and incisive, SHOGUN is a stunningly dramatic re-creation of a very different world.

Set in the turbulent days of the founding of Hong Kong in the 1840s, Tai-Pan is the story of Dirk Struan, the ruler - the Tai-Pan - of the most powerful trading company in the Far East. He is also a pirate, an opium smuggler, and a master manipulator of men.

It is 1862 and Japan is a land in chaos as the power of the Shogun wanes and the rival factions plan to restore the Emperor. In Yokohama, the gai-jin, the hated foreigners, seek to profit from the chaos.

King Rat:
Set in Changi, the most notorious prisoner of war camp in Asia, King Rat is an heroic story of survival told by a master story-teller who lived through those years as a young soldier. Only one man in fifteen had the strength, the luck, and the cleverness simply to survive Changi.

Noble House:
Over one hundred years have passed since Dirk Struan founded Hong Kong's oldest trading company. But now, the Noble House is in danger. As Hong Kong itself becomes the deadly playground of the CIA, the KGB and the People's Republic of China, rival tai-pans, seeking revenge for blood feuds over a century old, gather for the kill.

Whirlwind is the story of three weeks in Tehran in February 1979: three weeks of fanaticism, passion, self-sacrifice and heartbreak. Caught between the revolutionaries and the forces of international intrigue is a team of professional pilots.

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