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Hades & Persephone Saga By Scarlett St. Clair Six Book Set Collection: A Touch of Darkness, A Game of Fate, A Touch of Ruin, A Game of Retribution, A Touch of Malice, A Game of Gods

Hades & Persephone Saga By Scarlett St. Clair Six Book Set Collection: A Touch of Darkness, A Game of Fate, A Touch of Ruin, A Game of Retribution, A Touch of Malice, A Game of Gods

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Explore divine passion and dark enchantment in Scarlett St. Clair's "Hades x Persephone Saga" – a mesmerizing 6-book collection. Immerse yourself in the epic love story of Hades and Persephone as it unfolds against the backdrop of gods, mortals, and the mythical realms. Are you ready to be swept away by this spellbinding saga of romance and destiny?

Titles In This Set:
A Touch of Darkness
A Game of Fate
A Touch of Ruin
A Game of Retribution
A Touch of Malice
A Game of Gods


A Game of Gods:

Hades, God of the Dead, has finally made Persephone his in every way possible. With their wedding on the horizon, the couple should be ecstatic. But Demeter is wreaking havoc on their bliss by battering the whole of New Greece with erratic and dangerous weather. At the same time, Theseus continues with his agenda against the Gods, allying with the hate-group Triad in an effort to bring down all of Olympus.

A Game of Retribution:
Hades, God of the Dead, does not take sides or bend the rules. He makes no exceptions to these values-not for god or mortal, even his lover, Persephone, Goddess of Spring. Usually, fear prevents retaliation. But not this time. When Hera, Goddess of Women, approaches Hades with a plan to overthrow Zeus, he declines to offer help. As punishment, Hera sentences Hades to perform a series of labors.

A Game of Fate:
Hades, God of the Underworld, is known for his inflexible rule, luxurious night clubs, and impossible bargains. Used to control, he is not prepared to discover the Fates have chosen his future wife and Queen-Persephone, Goddess of Spring. Despite her attraction to the god, Persephone, an ambitious journalism student, is determined to expose Hades for his cruel and ruthless ways. She defies him at every turn, even as the attraction between them explodes.

A Touch of Darkness:
She remembered the words she had whispered to him in the back of the limo after La Rose. "You will worship me, and I won't even have to order you." His request felt sinful and devious, and she reveled in it. She answered, "Yes. "Persephone is the Goddess of Spring in title only. Since she was a little girl, flowers have only shriveled at her touch. After moving to New Athens, she hoped to lead an unassuming life disguised as a mortal journalist. All of that changes when she sits down in a forbidden nightclub to play a hand of cards with a hypnotic and mysterious stranger.

A Touch of Ruin:
Hades sighed and brushed his finger along her cheek. "Darling, I would burn this world for you. "Persephone's relationship with Hades has gone public and the resulting media storm disrupts her normal life and threatens to expose her as the Goddess of Spring. To add to her troubles, everyone seems eager to warn Persephone away from the God of the Dead by exposing his hellish past.

A Touch of Malice:
"I am not sure who you think I am," she said. "But let me be clear-I am Persephone, future Queen of the Underworld, Lady of Your Fate-may you come to dread my presence." Persephone and Hades are engaged. In retaliation, Demeter summons a snowstorm that cripples New Greece, and refuses to lift the blizzard unless her daughter calls off her engagement. When the Olympians intervene, Persephone finds her future in the hands of ancient gods, and they are divided.

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